Whistle­blow for the planet

Do you have new, insider information about the Climate and Ecological Crisis?

Do you know anything about: efforts to cover-up environmental destruction, attempts to prevent positive action on climate change and biodiversity loss, the true scale of the threat of ecological breakdown or the fragility of our global systems to climate shock?

However large or small your revelation, TruthTeller is here to help you anonymously disclose what you know.

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Before sharing any sensitive information, please make contact first. Once we know what you have, we can advise on next steps. See our FAQs below for technical help.

Using Signal

Once you’ve made sure your phone is secure, message us through Signal:

+44 (0)7375 246 584

Using Protonmail

Sign up for a free, anonymous Protonmail account at Protonmail.com and email us:


Using Postal Mail

The oldest technology is often the safest. Write to us via our PO Box address:

PO Box 76525
London N4 9JL


The time for silence is over.

Climate and ecological breakdown has started. Life on Earth is in peril. But both governments and mainstream media are failing to tell the truth about the severity of the crisis.

Where they are absent, we must step up.

If you have new, insider information about anything to do with the climate and ecological crisis, please get in touch.

If you’re unsure of the significance of what you know but have a feeling that something’s just not quite right, please get in touch.

If you’ve been thinking of contacting a journalist but don’t know how to go about it or whether your information will be treated seriously, please get in touch.

If you want your act of conscience to have maximum impact, please get in touch.

Humanity now stands at a crossroads: We have a choice between business as usual, which is killing us, and a radical new path towards a fairer, saner, safer world

Breaking the silence, and encouraging others to follow, could be your courageous contribution at this historic moment.

TruthTeller.Life is here for you.

“We need whistleblowing. You can’t have a free society, you can’t have a democratic society without unauthorised disclosures.”
Daniel Ellsberg, whistleblower behind the Pentagon Papers


We will publish your revelations safely and responsibly, either directly through our partner organisation Extinction Rebellion’s online and social media channels, or in collaboration with a trusted media outlet.


  • What is TruthTeller.Life?

    TruthTeller.Life is an Extinction Rebellion-inspired initiative to encourage sharing of insider information about the Climate and Ecological Crisis, and to give others the courage to do the same.

    We hope the truths exposed will help drive urgent, planetary-wide change.

  • What type of information would TruthTeller.Life like to receive?

    TruthTeller.Life welcomes any and all revelations about the true scale of the threat posed by climate and ecological breakdown, the fragility of our global systems to climate shocks, attempts to cover-up ecological destruction by those responsible, and the efforts of those with a vested interest in the status quo to prevent positive change.

    We would like to receive evidence of greenwashing, abuse of political influence, spin or misinformation, institutional failure, or any other previously unpublished information that will help reveal the truth about the crisis we’re in. No revelation is too big or too small.

    That evidence could take any form for example: emails, memos, documents, reports, photos, video or audio clips. We also welcome tip offs.

  • Who should contact TruthTeller.Life?

    We encourage anyone working in an organisation attempting to conceal a truth about the climate and ecological crisis to share what you know.

    Maybe you work for a think tank trying to confuse or mislead the public. Or a major company exercising undue influence on the political system. You might be an analyst whose warnings about the risk to our food, water and energy supplies by extreme weather events are going unheeded. Perhaps your company or institution is attempting to greenwash its activities and downplay its environmental impact. Or maybe it has secret financial interests in the carbon economy.

    Whoever you are, if your information will inform our understanding about what’s really going on, we want to hear from you.

  • How should people with information contact TruthTeller.Life?

    Please see below for our technical guide on how to make an initial contact with us.

  • What should you tell us when you first contact us?

    Please provide a brief description of what you know and the type of evidence you have to support it, such as documents, reports, databases, emails, photographs, audio or video clips, receipts or text messages. We also welcome tip offs.

    There is no need to reveal your identity at this stage but do give us some idea of the position you hold and how you come to have the information.

    How significant is your story? Is it a one off, or an example of something more systemic? When did it take place? How many people know about it? If it’s an ongoing story, what’s the next thing that might happen? How time sensitive is the story? Where else might we go to verify it?

    Please keep your initial message brief and be as specific as you can.

    Please also let us know what level of risk you face: how sensitive the information is, how many other people besides you have access to it (the fewer people, the higher your chance of being caught), who might investigate the source of the leak, how likely they are to do to so, and with what resources.

  • How can I share evidence with TruthTeller.Life?

    Once we have established communication, we can agree on the most appropriate method to safely and responsibly receive the evidence you have.

    We may suggest you share small documents or multi-media files over Signal or Protonmail, send physical documents or a thumb drive containing data to us through the post, or arrange a physical handover.

    If we decide to publish in partnership with a trusted media organisation, we may direct you to upload the data to an anonymous, online secure dropbox.

  • How will my information be made public?

    Depending on the nature of the information we receive, the stories that result will either be published directly on Extinction Rebellion’s online and social media platforms following a process of analysis and verification, or in partnership with a trusted media outlet with additional resources and expertise.

  • How will I be protected?

    We will do our utmost to guard your identity but leaking information will always involve risk of detection and no technology is failsafe.

    Before sharing information with us, please consider the possibility that you will be caught, what the consequences would be for you and whether you are prepared for them.

    If you decide to proceed, follow our guide for how to contact us and take all other necessary precautions to protect yourself.

    If your identity does become known, we will help to find you the support you need.

    Ultimately we hope that if enough people have the courage to break ranks and reveal what they know, however large or small the revelation, we will reach a tipping point where leakers feel safe to share information that the public have a right to know.

  • Who is behind TTL?

    TruthTeller.Life was conceived and developed by an independent group of citizens, incubated and supported by Extinction Rebellion (XR). We are inspired by XR’s first demand that our government and media Tell the Truth about the scale of the crisis facing humanity. The TruthTeller project is coordinated by journalist and activist Zoë Blackler.

    TruthTeller.Life has no analytics installed, and there are no cookies or tracking of who you are or what you do. This website will leave no trace on your computer except in your browsing history. It has no clickable links in order to protect you from accidentally visiting other websites with tracking installed.

    For general enquiries, NOT disclosures, email zoe@truthteller.life.


Before sharing information with us, please contact us first through the secure messaging app Signal or by encrypted email. Once we know what type of information you have, we can advise on the safest way to get it to us.

To protect yourself from detection, follow these instructions carefully. Consider your own level of risk when deciding what precautions to take.

How to message us through Signal

Signal is a free, open-source, end-to-end encrypted messaging app that can be downloaded to Android or iPhone. It is straightforward to use, similar to sending a text message. Signal does not retain any metadata, only your phone number and the last time you accessed the app.

Use a personal phone to send a message via Signal to our dedicated phone line:

+44 (0)7375246584

Do not use a work phone. Enter our number directly into the app and don’t add it to your address book.

Please tell us what type of information you have, but do not send us anything sensitive at this stage.

Please note, this number can only receive messages via Signal. It does not receive normal phone calls (through your phone app) or SMS (text) messages.

Safety tips when using Signal

  • Do not use a work phone.
  • Depending on the level of security you need, you may want to buy an untraceable phone paid for in cash, preferably an Android running operating system 10.
  • Enter our number directly into the app. Do not add it to your address book.
  • Set Signal to delete messages after a certain period of time.
  • Do not allow messages to appear as previews on the locked screen (you can change this in your iPhone through Settings & Notifications and on your Android through Device then Sound & Notification and in Settings within the Signal app.)
  • Be aware that we will see the number you use to message us.
  • Make sure your phone is running the most up-to-date operating system and the latest version of Signal.
  • Make sure your phone locks automatically and create a strong password. Be aware that if someone gains access to your phone they will be able to see the numbers you have messaged and read any undeleted messages.
  • For more on using Signal see Freedom of the Press Foundation's guide at freedom.press/news/signal-beginners.

How to contact us via email

When you write to us, secure your emails with PGP encryption. Using PGP encryption means your emails cannot be accessed by your email service or your internet provider, unlike say Gmail.

PGP works through the use of two encryption keys: a public key, which can be shared with anyone, and a private key known only to you.

Unless you’re familiar with PGP, the easiest way to email us using PGP encryption is with a Protonmail account. All communications between two Protonmail accounts are end-to-end encrypted with PGP.

Sign up for a free, anonymous Protonmail account at Protonmail.com and email us at our Protonmail account:


Please tell us what type of information you have, but do not send us anything sensitive at this stage.

If you’re using PGP with a different email service, our public key is:


For more on Protonmail and how PGP works visit Freedom of Press Foundation's guide at freedom.press/training/protonmail-pro

Safety tips for emailing us

  • Do not use your work or regular personal email account
  • Use PGP encryption. The easiest way to do this is to set up an anonymous Protonmail account. Alternatively, you can use a PGP plug-in.
  • Use a strong password for your account that you haven’t used anywhere else before.
  • Be aware that only emails sent to other Protonmail accounts will be encrypted. Emails sent to other email services may be intercepted unless you use the recipient's PGP key. (To find someone's PGP key, use keys.openpgp.org).
  • Before sending your email, check for a purple lock in the address field if you’re writing to another Protonmail account, or a green lock if you’re using PGP to write to an email address outside Protonmail. This confirms that your email will be encrypted.
  • After sending, delete the email from the sent folder in your Protonmail account.

By post

The oldest technology is often the most secure. To contact us by post, write to our PO Box address:

TruthTeller.Life, PO Box 76525, London N4 9JL

Other safety tips

  • Never use work devices or networks when contacting us or visiting this site or other sites that might reveal clues about your leaking activity.
  • To browse the internet anonymously from your own device use Tor, which you can download from torproject.org
  • For even greater security, you can use the Tails secure operating system.
  • If there is any identifiable information in the documents you plan to send us, remove it or alert us to it.
  • Consider taking photographs, with a camera not a smartphone, or screenshots, rather than sending electronic documents that may contain metadata.
  • Don’t tell friends or colleagues about your disclosure.

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