Humanity has the know-how to avert catastrophic climate and ecological breakdown. Yet we're failing to heed the scientific warnings and put them in place.

Why aren't we adopting emergency measures the world over?
And what are the near-term consequences of inaction?

Do you know something that would help reveal what's really going on?

If you have insider information, however small, anonymously disclosing what you know could be your courageous contribution at this historic moment.

TruthTeller.Life is here to show you how.

It may be an email, a memo, a document, or a conversation you were privy to.

Whatever it is, no piece of the puzzle is too small.

The truth you reveal, combined with those from others just like you, will help us join the dots and complete the puzzle. What will emerge, TruthTeller.Life believes, is an understanding of the scale of the threat we face to our daily existence, the fragility of our global systems, and the efforts of some to withhold the truth. If this story is told globally, then consensus will finally follow for urgent and meaningful action.

This website offers you a means to make this story happen, by disclosing information to the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) - a global network of investigative reporters working for the best news organisations in the world.

The ICIJ has capability to share the information it receives among the specialist journalists in its network to be verified and analysed, and then coordinate publication around the globe.

Truthteller.Life has chosen to recommend the ICIJ because of its scrupulous methods and unblemished record on source protection. Since it was established in 1997, the ICIJ has never revealed any of its confidential sources.

The ICIJ is fully independent of TruthTeller.Life. Disclosure made to the ICIJ through the link on this site will be directly received by the ICIJ. TruthTeller.Life will have no knowledge of what or when information is shared.


TruthTeller.Life is a gateway. It has no analytics installed, and there are no cookies or tracking of who you are or what you do. The next step is to read the page at the link below, on the ICIJ’s website. To securely visit this page, paste the link below into an incognito or private browsing window of a personal device (not a work computer or mobile device). The ICIJ will direct you from there.



TruthTeller.Life was conceived and developed by an independent group of citizens, incubated and supported by Extinction Rebellion (XR). We are inspired by XR’s first demand - Tell the Truth - and aim to create a more urgent and personal re-telling of the future while there is still time to prepare for a radically changing world.

For more information, see our FAQ page or contact us at voices@truthteller.life (not for making disclosure).